We love a neutral scheme here at Designworx. We love the calming response it creates and how it makes our home an oasis from the world around us. A neutral scheme also creates a magnificent backdrop to be able to add and change out different colours and textures, but because neutrals have become such a statement we find our clients and customers are often unsure where they can add colour without changing their entire design or what colours will work in their space. Textures also seem to come in and out of vogue and this can often cause confusion as to what fabrics and textures to use in different parts of the home and on different pieces of furniture.

Our top tips for adding colour and texture to your home are:

There is no right answer. We are all drawn to different colours for different reasons. If you can’t identify what colour that is, take cues from your surroundings in your home. Often we sub-consciously gravitate towards tones you might have in your décor or art.

Think about how you would like your space to feel. Do you love the light and airy feeling, or do you like to have pieces in your home that feel luxurious and rich?



$1,498.00 $1,348.20  incl. GST

A beautiful dining chair in Mauritius paradise and  velluti Velvets by James Dunlop

The chair features a large oval button on the inside chair back in a contrasting pink velvet

The Evoke chair features  large pewter coloured nails

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Create a neutral backdrop and add your colour to it. We love adding pieces of soft furnishing in accent colours to schemes. This is an easy way to be able to change the feeling you want to achieve but also create different looks for different seasons. Add deep colours and fabrics to your scheme in winter, then take away and add lightness and brightness to your scheme for summer.



$1,950.00 $1,755.00 incl. GST

Chair front Fabric :Hampton Court  and chair back Fabric:Velvesheen colour Fossil

Turned Front legs straight back legs -American Ash stained Black

Dimensions :77cm W 92cm H 76 D

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Think about each piece individually. Creating texture and colour in a statement chair in a seating area is fantastic, it creates impact and focus in a room but if you tire of it, can it be changed easily and affordably? We wouldn’t give the same advice for a large sofa that is the centrepiece of your home. Here you want to achieve a more classic look that will transcend trends and will stand the test of time.



$1,309.00 $1,178.10 incl. GST

Mid Century Style Chair

Upholstered in yellow-green and grey check wool blend fabric,

and contrasting  yellow-green plain fabric

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Have fun! We often over think colour and how it will look. Your home is your personal space and you should create it for you! Ignore others and go for what really makes you happy!