We have recently begun developing a range of furniture under the EVOQUE umbrella and the brand story behind this is that every piece employs the senses and evokes an emotion. The Lace Coffee table is part of this developing collection.

I wanted to design a piece of furniture that referenced the past with new relevance and connection to the future. I am a romantic at heart so looked to designing an item that worked with a romantic and opulent surface and to apply this with a fresh artistic approach.

In this table we combined the elements of high tech and hand crafted. The use of a copper finish by Metalier created the opulent look. Metalier is a composite cold-spray metal coating which made the substrate look and feel as if it was made in solid metal.  When applied the coating is composed of 65-75% metal.  When it has cured and the resin sanded away, the metal content of the surface coating is up to 95% pure metal.  This gives the coating durability to 30 years plus and it is weatherproof which is opening up the doors for development of the table to an exterior application.


The nostalgic and romantic textile of lace was combined with the technology of the metal finish. The lace finish is achieved by spraying an undercoat, applying material lace to the substrate and then spraying through the lace.  The lace is then carefully lifted off leaving its pattern on the surface.  The coating then cures and is later polished.  In this table following polishing, two different patinas were used to firstly darken the copper to give an aged look, and secondly to create the perception of time honoured Verdigris colour in the stripe that runs through the table.

When finished the whole surface of the table is sealed with Metalier’s Nano Clear Coat which preserves the patina and ensures that the copper retains the look created and does not further oxidise. This also ensures that the table has a useful and robust surface.

The legs were all hand lathed from solid wood, the 4 different designs referencing a combination of eras in history – from Victorian, mid-century, and through to futuristic. These were also finished in aged copper.

I am very happy with the prototype, it exudes a nostalgic opulence, showcases the connection between the past and future and evokes a moody ambience. I will continue to develop this design into a wider range of applications.