When beginning renovations many think it easier and more budget friendly to tackle the design process ourselves, but often the outcome is not executed quite how we dreamt of it or we find ourselves spending more money that initially budgeted to complete the look we lust for. Rather than give yourself the headache of trying to figure it out we recommend enlisting the help of professionals such as Amanda Neill and her team at Designworx. “Lots of people are scared to hire interior designers, when really we will make the process a lot smoother and easier for them”. Their in-depth knowledge of products on the market, by making choices that will perform in the right application, knowing where to go to find products and often being able to get their clients competitive industry pricing Designworx can save you lots of time and money. Amanda runs us through the process her team follows and highlights how the help of a professional really does take the stress out of a sometimes very confusing process. Firstly they start at the ‘Enquiry Stage’. This is when the initial enquiry is made by you, the client and any information regarding the design is sent to the Designworx team. Next the ‘Scope Stage’ – Here Amanda or one of her coworkers will sit down with you to discuss your ideas and carry out the initial briefing. The Design brief is recorded to scope of work which includes general overview, terms and conditions, tasks and fee proposal.Page1

“We have always felt at ease with her style and confidence in her designing. Her team also work hard behind the scene insuring every detail is followed up and dealt with within the time frame allocated.” — JULIE REESE-WILLIAMS


Design Stage is where it starts to all come together. The Designworx team takes the brief and goes to their drawing boards to put ideas and a plan together. Designs and drawings, product/finishes are all drafted together. This work is presented to the client; it’s an exciting moment as they gain a clear idea of how their space is going to evolve. Any changes can be made and anything you wish added. The last stage and the most thrilling for Designworx and the client; is the ‘Implementation Stage’. It is now that they view the products, measure the site and the quotes for the transformation are presented. Once the green light is given by the client, the team goes to work bringing paper to life. And before you know it, your space is transformed into a masterpiece. A client follow up is always completed to ensure you are happy and satisfied with the work of Designworx. It is important to Amanda and her team that they provide an integrated end to end process for interior design requirements. “It is our role to listen and interpret your personality, so that a space is created that reflects who you are. We aim to translate a vision into reality, to create a space with excitement and harmony, and provide functional solutions for your lifestyle”. designworxnz.co.nz

“I found the results to be quite spectacular, particularly with regard to the use of colour and space, in enhancing the platform that I had provided” — VINCENT REIDY, GULF HARBOUR